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Discover Great Business Banking Services

We strive to provide you with the best possible services so that you can provide your customers and employees with the experience they desire. From accepting credit cards to providing direct deposit, Citizens Community Bank has just what you need.

Remote Deposit Capture

MAKE DEPOSITS FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR OFFICE - Remote Deposit Capture allows our customers to scan checks and transmit the images and transaction information to the bank electronically. These items will be processed and deposited directly into the business checking account from your office. Deposits made prior to 5:00pm on any business day will be deposited to your account on that business day. Any deposits made after 5:00pm will be deposited on the next business day.

Cash Management Services

Customers who enroll in online banking enjoy 24 hour access to their accounts, including the ability to view recent transactions and make transfers between accounts. Our online banking services also allow users to access their accounts by text, mobile browser, and mobile app. While banking online you will be able to:

  • Pay Bills (to anyone including major companies, local businesses, and individuals)
  • Send Direct Deposit Payroll
  • Send EFTPS
  • Generate Balance Reports
  • Maintain Sub-Users, controlling which accounts users can see and access
  • Send Wire Transfer Requests
  • Originate ACH Debits and Credits

Accept Credit Cards and Debit Cards for Payment

Customers prefer to pay for purchases with credit cards or debit cards more often than any other form of payment. In addition, customers who use credit cards spend three to four times more on their purchases than customers who donít. Citizens Community Bank has partnered with Sage Payment Solutions to offer Citizens Merchant Card Services, giving you the ability to accept credit and debit cards such as MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and Discover. Packages can include Electronic Merchant with printer and PIN pad for debit cards, along with all supplies to get you started. In addition to terminal processing, other options can include telephone and internet processing.

Sage Payment Solutions also offers businesses the ability to accept debit and credit cards with a mobile phone. For businesses on the move, this will allow technicians in the field to swipe a debit card through a device attached to a smart phone or tablet and process the transaction on the spot. Taking a payment has never been easier! Visit sagepayments.com for more information about Sage Payment Solutions.

You can streamline your check processing by VERIFYING CHECKS AT THE TIME OF THE TRANSACTION - Telecheck Electronic Check Acceptance, provided by our Merchant Services partner, Sage Payment Solutions, allows you to verify a check at the time you accept it from a customer, eliminating returned checks, return check fees, and warranty claims.

Offer Gift Cards

Through our Merchant Services partner, Sage Payment Solutions Solutions, Citizens Community Bank offers a gift card program to business customers, allowing you to provide customers with generic or personalized gift cards. Your loyal customers will be thrilled to give and receive gift cards to your establishment.


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